Technical Support


Receiver - SJ5210 : Win XP/Vista/7(Download)

IP Camera - IP-PWIC : WinXP/Vista/7 (Download)

FAQ & How To:

Q1. : Are all of the solar bags supplid by SEJAT include a battery?

A : Yes, all of the soalr bags we carry on this site willl include a battery.

Q2. : How long does it take to charge a device?

A: Approximate 4-6 hours if charged directly from sun.


Q3. : How do you get the best charging results?

A: Place the solar panels towards the sun.


Q4. : Can I purchase different adapters for my devices?

A : Unfortunately, we do not carry adapters in our inventory, but it's easy to obtain from most marketplace online.


Q5. : Why bubble appear on the surface of solar panels?

A: This phenomenon is normal due to we place a solar panel protector against the solar panels.