Reseller Info

SEJAT's products provide a unique opportunity for resellers interested in offering Solar Technology,Application and Solutions to service their customers, gonverment or enterprise.

We are always seeking an opportunity to work with quanlified reseller.,SEJAT is unveiling products that may takes Solar Energy Technology to the next revolution. This time the product is designed not only for consumers who want to use Solar technology for personal reasons, but also for those consumers who want to use their solar prodcut for both entertain and convenient reasons. Our belief is to working on to better solar panel that can capture the solar energy easier ,maybe even at night,if possible from the least light source such as Moon and store the energy to the rechargable battery as fast as possible.The idea is simple: You plug the device onto the solar battery via the appropriate adapter, at which point it powers up and preserves all the battery life need for your device.

We would like to introduce our reseller program to you. Our flexible program includes the following:

  • Minimum Order : $500 In Total Amount to Quanlify as a Reseller
  • Volume Discount Available Base on Quantities of your order
  • Flexible Payment Terms : Credit Card,Check or Paypal
  • Co-op Available Upon Request

Feel free to visit our website at for more information.
For additional information on volume discount and payment terms,

please email us at or call us at 1-626-780-4983.
Don't miss out on this great offer. Thank you for your business.